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The Thought Places are the culmination of my three-year-long Contemporary Applied Arts degree.

They are concerned with creating safe, protected spaces that one could metaphorically crawl into. In each piece I try to explore different aspects of the need to conceal, from the Soft Place – where you can shelter in a welcoming environment, to the Long Place – which explores growing confidence - where the insides are no longer protected by a door, but by shadow sticks.

Ancient, enigmatic objects, whose precise functions are no longer known, inspire the forms. This is essential to the work, as it is the intrigue created by vaguely familiar (but at the same time alien) forms that motivates the viewer to investigate the insides of the pieces, and so discover the fragility of the insides.

  • The Soft Place

    The Soft Place

    This piece is made from Cherry wood with a copper, oxidised door. The interior is lined with hand-stitched layered paper, ripped at the edges to create a soft, enveloping space.

  • The Full Place

    The Full Place

    The full place has been carved from a piece of Lime wood and has a copper door with an iron object hidden inside. The rough bark recedes from the outer edges, revealing smooth unblemished grain beneath.

  • The Hidden Place

    The Hidden Place

    A single iron ‘shadow stick’ hides behind double doors, casting its shadow over a hand-stamped word. The hidden place is made of Alder wood, its pale grain accentuated by the blue and green doors.

  • The Long Place

    The Long Place

    The bark slowly changes colour over the length of this Magnolia wood piece, slowly revealing pale grey grain. Three iron shadow sticks stand guard over the entrance, protecting delicate newly formed thoughts.